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Permalase- Making light work of improving your skin 
Permalse clinic’s are available the first Monday of every month and takes late afternoon & early evening appointments. 
"Shedding new light on specialist intense pulsed light therapy (IPL)" 
Moi are pleased to offer the specialised services of Permalase which can help in the following treatments- 
-Permant Hair Reduction 
-Thread Vein Removal 
-Non Surgical Face Lift 
-Acne Treatment 
-Skin Rejuvenation 
IPL is the most effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair, How it works?- The Intense light pulses heat up the hair itself which conducts the energy to the hair follicle, raising its temperature and killing it off. 
Even after only the first few treatments you will notice patches of the hair disappear but usually, between four to six treatments 70% of the unwanted hair will be destroyed. 
You may then only require maintenance treatments when and if new hair growth appears, possibly once or twice a year. 
Moi advises that every new client has a consultation with our Permalase therapist, Vicky, which is completely free of charge. 
Below is a price guideline, Prices may vary depending on individual needs. 
Prices Single Treatment Course of 5 Treatments 
Lip £49.00 £196 
Chin- £60.00 £240 
Bikini £110.00 £440 
Underarm £110.00 £440 
1/2 Leg £240.00 £960 
Brazilian- Price depends on each individual client. 
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